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Four cabins 168 acres (68 hectares) of natural peace and tranquility

Provincia de Guanacaste, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

For Sale

$450,000 USD

Property Description


FOR SALE: 168 acres (68 hectares) of natural peace and tranquility with four cabins - $450,000 USD

This is a perfect setup for a sustainable living / community living project or an eco-tourist nature walk area. With a mixture of rain forest and open pasture, rivers, streams and springs, an abundance of animal and plant life, great views, gardens and star gazing. Four separate cabins and plenty of room for a community center or common area. A very peaceful place that is not always quiet but filled with natural sounds. Let the howler monkeys serenade you in the mornings and the parrots and toucans during the day. Get several family members or friends together and live an independent sustainable lifestyle together, but separate.  

There are about 90 acres of rainforest for enjoying the tropical animal and plant life that abound here, and about 60 acres of open pasture for grazing/farming. All pastures (11 as of Nov 2019) are fenced with barbed wire and have access to water. A year round river and stream run through the property, there are several natural springs and even a small waterfall. We are on municipal water supply with excellent quality water and good pressure. Generator power.

Located in the mountains between San Rafael de Guatuso and Nuevo Arenal with a median elevation of 600 meters, this farm, once known as Rancho La Joya Del Sol, has a near perfect climate with refreshing breezes and cooler temperatures. It's about a 4 hour drive to the San Jose airport or about 3 hours to the Liberia airport.  To the southwest it's a 45-minute drive to Nuevo Arenal and Lake Arenal, or to the north about 45 minutes to San Rafael de Guatuso. The ranch is bordered on one side by a public (dirt) road. Roads in the area are being upgraded so drive times may be reduced. Though this property has tourism potential for horseback riding and appreciation of tropical fauna and flora, it is not in a tourist area. This is the REAL Costa Rica, tranquila, with good people.

The 90 acres of rain forest is a wildlife corridor with an abundance of exotic wildlife that pass through or live here. Wild animals that frequent or live on the finca include monkey (howler, white faced, and colorado), turkey, pizote, agouti, peccary, puma, ocelot, anteater, otter, armadillo, tayra. We have captured photos of most of these with game cameras. There is a wide variety of edible fruit, plants, spices, herbs and trees on the finca, about 60 types. Many are producing, others have been planted in the last 4 years and are not producing yet.

3 of the cabinas are of the same design, about 450 sf - 2 bedrooms with kitchen, living room, bathroom with shower, and covered porch. Each has a propane stove/oven, refrigerator, queen size mattress, propane on demand hot water heater, built in breakfast bar, ceramic tile floors, efficient led lighting, ceiling fans and custom carved wood entry doors. 1 cabina also has a micro-fiber couch and chair.   

The fourth cabina is currently used by the caretaker. This one does not have hot water and it does not come furnished with appliances. This was completed  in late  2017 and is a different design than the other 3. It is about 510sf and has 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower, living room, kitchen with built in tiled breakfast bar, a mud room/laundry room, and a covered porch. Floors are ceramic tile.  

The cabinas are spread out in different areas, several hundred feet apart so they are very private and secluded, but fairly close to each other. The river runs close to 3 of the cabinas, the fourth cabina is on a hilltop with views of 3 volcanos , town lights, the finca, and a distant view of lake Nicaragua. The hilltop cabina has its’ own entrance road off of the public road.  

If a single buyer does not need all four cabinas they can be rented out. The owner would also be willing to retain the cabina on the hill and reduce the price of the finca accordingly. A great caretaker has been in place for several years and is very familiar with the finca.  

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Michael Karon


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168 Acres


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Provincia de Guanacaste, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

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