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Casa Jason

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Construction Process:

  1. Site Clearing:

    • Clear the building site once the design and layout are finalized and approved.

  2. Footers:

    • Begin construction by laying the footers on the prepared building site.

  3. Block Construction:

    • Utilize the typical construction method in Costa Rica, which involves using solid concrete columns with block in between.

    • Lay block on top of the footings to the desired height, then pour the columns.

  4. Column and Header Pouring:

    • Pour the columns and the header (or viga) to support the structure.

    • Start construction of the second floor.

  5. Steel Framing for Second Floor:

    • Install steel framing for the second floor once the columns are complete.

  6. Roof Construction:

    • Complete concrete work on the second floor.

    • Begin roof construction by framing and installing the roof panels.

  7. Overhangs and Facias:

    • Close in the overhangs and facias to complete the roofing process.

  8. Interior Progress:

    • With the roof in place, shift focus to making progress on the interior of the building.

Agente de contacto

Michael Karon


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