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Elegant Lake side Living: Exclusive Lot (2.66 Acre) in Nuevo Arenal

Guanacaste Province, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

For Sale

$199,000 USD

descripción de propiedad



FOR SALE: Elegant Lakeside Living: Exclusive Lot in Nuevo Arenal - $199,000 USD 


Location Perfection: Discover a hidden gem just 10 minutes from the vibrant Nuevo Arenal, where the serene beauty of Lake Arenal is your daily backdrop. These exclusive lots, spanning 2.66 acres each (10,774 square meters), offer a perfect blend of natural splendor and convenient accessibility. 


Investment at a Glance: 

Attractive Pricing: Unveil the value at $199,000 USD 

Spacious Elegance: Each lot, occupying a generous expanse of 2.66 acres, provides a substantial canvas for crafting your bespoke residence or retreat. 


Breathtaking Views: 

- Lake Arenal Panorama: Each lot boasts uninterrupted views of the majestic Lake Arenal, providing a picturesque setting for your home. 

- Natural Creek: A charming creek flows through the property, adding to the idyllic and peaceful ambiance. 


Sophisticated Features & Amenities: 

- Ease of Access: A well-maintained cement drive grants easy access to each lot, ensuring both convenience and security. 

- Utility Connections: Equipped with essential services like electricity and water, simplifying the construction and development process. 

- Ready-to-Build Pads: Pre-prepared building pads provide a foundation for immediate construction, saving time and resources. 

- Favorable Climate: The area's mild winds are not only refreshing but also ideal for natural ventilation, enhancing the comfort of outdoor and indoor living spaces. 


Community & Security: 

- Gated Community: Ensures a high level of privacy and security, fostering a safe and exclusive living environment. 

- Neighbor Selection: With two adjacent lot, the unique opportunity to choose your neighbor allows for a personalized community experience. 

- Flexible Owner Financing: Owner financing options are available, offering a convenient path to ownership. 


Ideal for Discerning Buyers: 

These lots represent more than just land; they are a gateway to a lifestyle that balances luxury, privacy, and natural beauty. Perfect for those who value upscale living in a tranquil, picturesque setting, these properties promise an elevated living experience amidst Costa Rica's stunning landscape. 


Agente de contacto

Michael Karon


Detalles de la propiedad

tipo de propiedad





2.66 Acre


Año de construcción

Ubicación de la propiedad

Guanacaste Province, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

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