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Casa Kathryn

Casa Kathryn is a contemporary style home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Tronadora, Costa Rica with a beautiful view of Lake Arenal.

Casa Kathryn

Now that we have access and all of the permits we can get started on the construction.

Here the crew is starting to dig out the footers.

Here you can see the block work being done on the exterior walls.

The interior layout is done and ready to be blocked up.

and the block work is coming along well, soon we will pour some columns.

This is the front corner of the house, nice big windows to enjoy the view of the lake.

The view from the kitchen area down the hallway.

The outside kitchen wall.

Now the block work is done, and it looks great!

What an amazing view from the living room.

Here is a look at the backside of the house.

This the hallway and the bathrooms.

This is the view from the kitchen. Now it is time to start the roof. It is really looking like a house!

The exterior is almost ready for finishes.

The roof is on! Now we can make some headway on the interior.

Here is another view of the backside of the house.

Now we are getting started on interior finishes.

These guys work hard to get it right.

Sanding the plaster.

Great The Windows are Done!

The ceilings are in, a little sanding and then it's time to paint.

Here we are forming up the concrete counters.

The windows are nice, aluminum on white, very contemporary.

The gray slate tile came out very nice!

We are just about ready for doors and appliances.

Looking Good!

More pictures coming soon!

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